Is An Online Coach The Answer You’re Looking For

Online Coach 3Finding an online coach is a worthwhile choice. Whether you’re involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or selling your own information products online, there are a ton of pitfalls and traps that you can fall into. It’s easy to suffer from information overload. An online coach can help you avoid these areas.

An Online Coach Is Expensive, Is It Worth The Investment?

Finding an online coach can also be a tricky affair. Let’s face it, coaching generally isn’t cheap. You’re going to spend anywhere from a few hundred bucks for some basic coaching to as much as $8,000-$10,000, or more, for some in-depth one-on-one time with one of the big names in the industry.

But there are some definitive advantages to hiring an online coach.

First and foremost, it allows you to learn from somebody who has already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and has the success to prove they know what they’re doing. Experience is a wonderful teacher, but it can be an extremely painful and slow way to learn. By hiring a coach you can learn from his or her experience and save yourself much of the pain.

Secondly, a coach can teach you some of the “inside” tips and tricks. It doesn’t take much to figure out that the big guns do things differently than the rest of us do. That’s why they’re so successful. But, they’ve also developed some shortcuts along the way that makes them more effective and efficient at what they do. Learning even a few of those tricks can save you a tremendous amount of time and heartache.

Also, a coach provides accountability. So many people fail in network and online marketing because they don’t have anybody holding them accountable to make sure they’re taking consistent action. We all live busy lives and it’s all too easy to get lost in our daily activities and put the necessary business activities on the back burner, especially when we’re not seeing immediate success.

I’ve Hired An Online Coach For My Own Business

After writing on this blog for over a year and failing miserably in a number of areas, I realized that I was missing the boat somewhere (probably multiple areas). I had to make a decision.

Did I want to continue wasting my time and throwing money down the drain trying to figure all of this stuff out on my own?

Did I want to just pack it in and shut my blog down, lick my wounds, and move on to other endeavors?

Or did I want to invest in coaching to identify and correct my flaws?

winners never quit phrase on blackboardWell, I’m not a quitter. I realize that every once in a while you have to make a decision to move in another direction, but I despise giving up. I’m awful stubborn that way.

I’ve also heard of too many stories of people who have given up on their aspirations just before having a major breakthrough. The story “Three Feet From Gold” told within the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill quickly comes to mind. I’m not about to be one of those people that has to tell my family that we’ll never be able to reach our dreams because I gave up just before having things really take off.

But I was also tired of beating my head against the wall, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (that is the definition of insanity, you know). I was fed up with putting hours of work into my blog by creating content and trying to get it noticed out on the innerwebs.

That basically left one choice, so I hired an online coach. And I’ve learned a lot.

What Is My Online Coach Teaching Me?

We’ve already worked on several areas, and there’s much more to come.

I’ve learned just how important copywriting is in everything that you do in life. It’s all about the ability to persuade people to take any number of actions. But that’s a topic for another post.

Anyways, my copywriting stunk. The first time my coach looked at my blog and saw my opt-in text, he laughed. He wasn’t being malicious, it was just VERY apparent that he had some work to do. We’re working on changing up my opt-in now, along with a few other things.

We’re also working on driving traffic to a landing page for opt-ins from various sources such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Facebook, YouTube, Skype, and Google AdWords, along with other free methods. PPC is a big one for me because I’ve never plunged into that, and I want to. But I also realize it can get crazy expensive real quick if you don’t have some help and guidance.

He’s also helped me identify my unique selling proposition. That was a big one, too. It’s also a big reason why I did an extreme makeover to my blog. I’d been wanting to work on it for a while, and changing my focus here gave me a great reason to give my little home a facelift.

So How Do I Find An Online Coach If I Want One?

Online CoachAs I mentioned before, finding a coach can be a tricky affair. For one, everybody and their brother is an alleged “expert” online. Many times when you’re doing research, it’s difficult to tell the shams from the real deals.

And even some of the “real deals” aren’t the best coaches. Just because they know how to do it doesn’t mean they can teach somebody else how to do it.

I would definitely recommend taking your time and doing your homework. Look around to try and find some people that look like they know what they’re doing and are doing it well. From there you need to dig deeper, get to know them. Do you get along with them, or do your personalities clash? Is this somebody you can work closely with?

Once you’ve narrowed your list down by eliminating the people you haven’t seemed to connect with, start looking around to see if the potential candidates left have some testimonials or references. Can they prove their success to you and show you they know what they’re doing, or are they just bluffing?

Another important question is how much it’s going to cost. You may have somebody that you’d love to work with, but you simply can’t afford their prices, even if they provide so much value that their coaching is worth three times what they charge.

Ultimately you have to find that person that you get that warm and fuzzy feeling with, and can afford their services. That’s who you need work with.

Hiring an online coach is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are a ton of factors involved, but there can be huge rewards for doing so, also. In the end, you have to make that decision.

Here’s a little “insider’s” secret, though. Just about everybody who’s ever had any REAL success out there has hired an online coach at some point in time. The road is just too bumpy to try to do it on your own.

Take a minute and leave a comment below. Have you ever hired an online coach or other mentor? How much did they help you out? Was it worth the money to you? I would like to hear your thoughts. Also, take a minute and catch up with me on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!


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