Leadership Tip: Your Friends Are Your Future

It’s an important leadership principle that the people you choose to associate with have a direct impact on where you end up in life.  Whether you surround yourself with people that push you to huge heights or pull you down to great depths, they provide a clear picture of your future.  If you’re life isn’t on the track you wish, you may have some tough decisions to make.  Yesterday I discussed when to be a follower, and today I’ll dig deeper into how

Our Social Circle Affects Our Leadership Success

Many people don’t realize the profound impact the people they choose to associate with have on the outcome of their lives.  But, if you think about it, the people you are closest to are the ones that are the most influential in your life .  Through their actions and conversations with you, they help to mold your attitude, outlook, and desires in life.

If you choose to surround yourself with positive, motivated people, you’ll tend to be positive and motivated.  If your friends have the attitude that everybody faces adversity, but the true measure of character is how they react to that adversity, then you’ll take adversity in stride.  And if you choose friends who view personal development and self-education as critical to long-term success, you will too.

Conversely, if your friends are always negative, constantly complaining about the travesties they face, you’ll find yourself bitter and dissatisfied with your own lot in life.  These people always expect the worst out of life, and will quickly kill any dreams you may have by clearly pointing out every possible way that your new endeavor will fail.  Many times they have the best intentions as your friend, simply wanting to help you avoid disappointment, but they fail to realize that they are at the very same time killing any chance of success you may have.  Either way, good or bad, the attitudes and beliefs of your social circle are infectious, and will have a direct impact on how your life turns out.

This is where you may face some tough choices.  If your life isn’t on a path you’re happy with, one of the first places you need to look is the friends you choose to associate with.  If they’re bitterly negative people, then you may need to find new friends.  You’ll have to decide if it’s more important to keep your friends and remain stuck in the pack of mediocrity, or if it’s more important for you to reach your goals and dreams, even if you have to sacrifice a few friendships.  It’s a choice only you can make, but it may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to face.  Choose wisely, as your future success just might depend on it.  Until next time…

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